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M Capital Advisors: the Difference is Clear

Across three decades, the M Capital Advisors team has helped businesses and organizations exceed goals and achieve visions. We always aim for results. We have managed money and assets for a wide variety of entities including corporations, endowments, foundations, hospitals, municipalities, and religious organizations as well as for intermediaries and investment professionals. M Capital Advisors not only looks out for the financial health of your organization, but also cares for the well-being of your employees by carefully managing both corporate and union pension plans.

Disciplined Research and Global Insights with a Personal Touch

Our team of seasoned, independent investment professionals is 100% committed to providing our institutional clients with the best strategies, analysis, and investment advice possible. We are data-driven, results-oriented, and customer-focused.

In contrast to the individual investor, institutional clients typically have formal investment policies, and it’s our job to shape portfolios that meet detailed criteria while achieving specific objectives. The expertise our staff has developed in institutional investment management gives our clients confidence in our decisions, resulting in a carefully maintained environment where an organization’s funds can thrive. We have been privileged to work with many financial directors and boards of trustees on a long-term basis, furthering the opportunities for creating well-positioned portfolios and risk-adjusted returns.

We provide superior customer service by maintaining regular communication through both quarterly statements and face-to-face meetings. Our institutional clients enjoy a dedicated account team, led by a senior executive, that offers guidance, advice, and portfolio performance information in a timely manner.

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