Patrick Snell

Patrick A. Snell, CFA, CAIA named Co-Chief Investment Officer of
M Capital Advisors

M Capital Advisors is pleased to announce that Patrick A.Snell, CFA, CAIA has been named Co-Chief Investment Officer with Frank Mastrapasqua, PhD.

Pat joined M Capital Advisors in 2007 and became a Principal in 2009. Frank and Pat’s association began in 1989 when Frank, who at the time was Director of Research at J.C. Bradford and Company, hired Pat upon Pat’s graduation from Vanderbilt University’s MBA program.  Pat joined M Capital Advisors after holding several successful investment research leadership positions with firms in San Francisco and New York. Pat has over thirty years of experience in equity portfolio management and equity research analysis.  Over the past 14 years, Pat has worked alongside Frank in developing portfolios for the firm.

As Co-Chief Investment Officer, Pat co-manages each of the firm’s four primary equity portfolios:  Large Cap Core, Large Cap Growth, Small/Mid Cap Core, and Equity Income.



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