August 31, 2021
Frank Mastrapasqua, Ph.D.
Principal, Chairman & Chief Investment Officer

Retiree:  What’s the Risk?

One of the first questions a person nearing retirement often asks is “Will I outlive my money”.  One can determine the amount of assets a person needs given their particular lifestyle as well as other sources of income (i.e. social security etc.).  However, the ability to answer that question properly rests upon the nature and return from the invested assets and the performance of those assets in a changing economic environment.  For example, how will the portfolio do in an inflationary setting?  Have expenses been adjusted to account for the higher cost of living?

Many financial advisors aim for the lowest common denominator to achieve an outcome, with the intention of doing so with the lowest possible risk.  However, in a changing environment, particularly transitioning to a higher rate of inflation, that approach may actually increase portfolio risk.  Consequently, the portfolio may well be struggling to achieve its goals.

Building an asset allocation model that utilizes a sizable bond component to mitigate risk often does not adequately take into consideration the inherent risks that exist in bonds. Without the benefit of experience and history, many financial advisors and investors might assume a level of stability in bond prices and yields that in reality may only be a temporary phenomenon.

In an environment that we have now – inflation reemerging and bond yields near historic lows – achieving one’s goals requires a dynamic approach to asset allocation with an emphasis on an asset class or classes that adjusts to a changing pricing structure (i.e. equities).

In the coming weeks we will discuss the different risks that permeate the bond market and the difficulty an overburdened bond weighting can have on portfolio returns and ultimately your goals and wealth.


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