April 24, 2023
Edwin R. Barton
Chief Portfolio Strategist


The Dollar: Impact on Corporate Earnings 

Changes in the value of the dollar, which is the world’s reserve currency, can have a significant impact on corporate earnings. The rally in the dollar through most of 2022 created headwinds for many large U.S. multi-national companies that derive a significant part of their revenue from overseas.

The U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) opened 2022 at 95.67 before rallying 20% and peaking at 114.77 on September 27th. Since companies in the S&P 500 receive almost 40% of their revenue from countries outside the U.S., the unfavorable exchange rates caused a drag on corporate earnings throughout 2022.

Apple, Nike, and McDonalds are among the many companies who said foreign exchange headwinds negatively impacted their revenue performance last quarter.

Since that September peak, the U.S. Dollar Index has fallen over 11%, closing at 101.61 on April 3rd, 2023.  The drop in the value of the dollar over the last six months should function as a cushion and help bolster earnings for companies with significant operations overseas. Expect the favorable exchange rates to become a tailwind for corporate profits when companies begin reporting earnings for the first quarter.


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