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We manage multiple, active equity strategies, spanning the capitalization spectrum, including large-cap growth, large-cap core, SMID cap core, equity income, and fixed income investment strategies. The investment team brings deep industry expertise and broad investment knowledge to bear in a highly collaborative decision-making process. The investment team meets each morning to review the latest macroeconomic data and capital markets conditions, as well as news and analysis relating to sectors and companies where we have existing and/or potential holdings.


M Capital Advisors’ equity strategies are overseen by seasoned portfolio managers with strong research analyst backgrounds. We place great emphasis on research, which forms the foundation of our equity investment philosophy.


Driven by research, economics, and analysis, our team has over decades of combined experience managing multi-asset strategies. By focusing on value and price, we search for the most promising investment opportunities for our clients.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income strategies help clients manage risk by delivering reliable returns. Our long-standing portfolio managers work with our entire team to select appropriate bonds and securities across a variety of sectors to build stable portfolios.

Be Strategic: Invest Smarter

The M Capital Investment Strategy Line-up

Our team has developed a disciplined investment methodology that’s grounded in research. Our smart and adaptable approach helps individuals and institutions get where they need to be, no matter where they are. Our investment strategies range from Large-Cap Equities to Fixed Income in order to find the appropriate risk-benefit and tax optimization ratio. Here’s how:

Large-Cap Growth Equity

The Large-Cap Growth Equity Strategy consists primary of U.S.-based large capitalization stocks. Designed for the long-term investor seeking capital appreciation through high quality growth companies with sustainable earnings potential.

Large-Cap Core Equity

This strategy relies on primarily U.S.-based large-cap stocks with a history of consistent dividend growth. The Large-Cap Core Equity strategy provides capital appreciation opportunities and a competitive yield, by investing in high quality companies.

Small/Mid-Cap Core Equity

The strategy’s goal is to provide capital appreciation and to produce competitive returns and consists primarily of U.S.-based stocks. This strategy is the small- and mid-capitalization counterpart to the Large-Cap Core Equity portfolio.

Equity Income

The Equity Income Strategy’s goal is to grow income and preserve capital with high yielding, low volatility investments. The strategy focuses upon high dividend paying stocks with a low beta and having a strong prospect of consistent dividend growth.

Core Plus

The Core Plus strategy provides a growing income stream through a dynamic blend of dividend paying common stocks and fixed income offerings with a goal of preserving capital, generating income and producing strong risk-adjusted returns.

Fixed Income

We focus on the current economic climate and strategically allocate to fixed income assets based on anticipated life and market changes. We use asset allocation, yield curve positioning, duration management, and credit quality as primary portfolio considerations.

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